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Custom Kitchen Design in Calgary

Your kitchen is the heart of your home - which is why you want this space not only to be beautiful and inviting, but customized to your lifestyle.

Engaging the skills of an experienced kitchen designer will ensure that you get your home improvement project exactly right.

Our team can balance your desired look and style with a functional design layout including customized kitchen cabinets, resulting in a kitchen design that is efficient as well as aesthetically attractive.

Our Kitchen Design Services

Whether you are looking for extensive home improvement services such as a kitchen renovation or custom kitchen cabinet installation, our team works around the clock until you have the kitchen of your dreams.

Some of our kitchen design services include:

  • Designing & building custom kitchen cabinets
  • Kitchen cabinet remodeling
  • Lighting configuration
  • Tile & floor installation
  • Kitchen island design & installation
  • Kitchen cabinet hardware installation

At Tru Woodcraft, we understand the importance of a job well done, including all aspects of the kitchen design project from start to finish.

We work with a versatile, professional team including kitchen cabinet contractors to provide you with the highest quality products at the best possible value.

Why Choose Us

At Tru Woodcraft, we pride ourselves on offering a fully bespoke kitchen design service, tailored to meet your exact needs and requirements.

Our team of home improvement professionals are committed to innovative kitchen design and quality craftsmanship to deliver a truly customized kitchen environment to suit every goal and budget.

We offer many benefits to our Calgary customers including:

  • Experienced & knowledgeable team: With over 30 years of combined experience in woodworking and hands-on kitchen design, we can ensure that the final result of your kitchen remodeling project is exactly what you envisioned.
  • Quality products & workmanship: We have a versatile team of designers, project managers and cabinet contractors who are masters at getting the job done on time and on budget without ever compromising the quality of their workmanship and products.
  • We respect your home: Whether you are looking for a full kitchen remodel or custom kitchen cabinets, we treat your home as if it is our own and do everything we can to mitigate any inconveniences and challenges that may arise.

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