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We design and build our racks in-house, can customize or modify our existing designs.  We are always coming up with new ideas, no limit with our custom racks!

Our racks have various configurations and are available in several species of wood.  We prefer the racks to be left natural (no stain or lacquer), especially if they are going in a climate-controlled wine cellar.  The aroma is fantastic when you walk into your cellar, and there is no risk of off-gassing chemicals penetrating and contaminating your wine! If the racks are going in an open space, and you are looking to stain and lacquer the racks to match your decor, we can offer that as an option to the racks. 

We can offer delivery and installation within Calgary and surrounding areas, and can also flat-pack our racks and ship - the racks can easily be assembled with a little bit woodwork experience and a small amount of tools.  


Display Racks

These racks hold a bottle on an angle, and a bottle flat, and are available in 1 bottle - 14 bottles wide.  These racks can also have an additional valence added which easily attaches to the racks and allows for LED lighting to be added to shine down on the angled bottle, illuminating the bottle lable which is a nice effect. 


Upper, Mid & Lower Racks

These racks hold bottles flat on the racks, and are available in 1 bottle - 14 bottles wide.  The Upper racks hold 10 bottles per column, the Mid racks hold 3 bottles per column, and the Lower racks hold 8 bottles per column. 




These racks come with removable dividers, and are available in 4, 5, 8 and 14 bottle widths to coincide with our other racks, but can create this configuration in an custom dimension as well.  The removable divider allows for crate storage if desired.


Arches, Cabinets & Millwork

A centerpiece for your cellar, an arch with a lower cabinet for a service area.  A drawer for bottle openers, or an open-grill cigar humidor drawer.  The cabinet can be lined with an aromatic wood species like Spanish Cedar and a humidifier added.  Unlimited possiblities with storage cabinets, millwork features, hidden bookcase doors, etc......


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For pricing and to find out more about our wine racks, millwork and cabinets, contact our Calgary office today at 403-671-0037 or send us a message.



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