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Custom Wine Cellars

With over 25 years of woodworking experience, Tru Woodcraft offers high quality design and craftsmanship. All our wood racking and custom millwork is built in our shop with locally-supplied materials. This allows for ultimate customization in creating your cellar, particularly if you have a limited space or design challenges. 

We focus on creating beautiful turnkey wine cellars that blend perfectly into your home. This can include custom racking and millwork, cellar doors and windows, cooling units, flooring, tin ceiling, LED lighting, stone work and granite, display shelves, and tasting areas,etc. The possibilties are endless. 

Ultimate Customization

With over 19 years of design experience we are confident in creating a design that is both aesthetic and functional.

We collaborate with our clients ideas and offer our suggestions to create one of a kind custom solutions for their home. We provide detailed 3D rendered images of the proposed design with our quotes, this allows clients to visualize their future project.

Tru Woodcraft does all the design and manufacturing here in Calgary, we believe in supporting local suppliers and businesses. Doing business locally allows for a process that is more efficient, faster and most importantly, stress-free.

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Designing & Building Wine Storage Millwork: Custom Wine racks, cabinets, X-bins with removable dividers for crate storage, display shelves, and drawers.
  • LED Lighting for Your Customized Wine Cellar: This includes white/RGB lights, remote controlled lights and even Wi-Fi controlled lights.
  • Cooling System: We can supply and install a properly-sized cooling unit to effectively cool your wine cellar and maintain proper humidity.
  • Tin Ceiling: We supply and install tin panels on the ceiling and/or walls of your customized wine cellar.
  • Cork Flooring: We can supply and install cork plank and mosaic flooring, which is warm on the feet, and can be forgiving to an accidentally dropped bottle.

Why Choose Us

Owning a wine cellar is not just about having somewhere to store your wine. In addition to being a functional space, a customized wine cellar can add beauty and value to your home or establishment.

From conception right up until project completion, we will guide you through your wine cellar project and are always available to make professional recommendations and answer questions, providing you with complete peace of mind.

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