Building a wine cellar as part of your residence’s basement development or home renovations can be a great way to store your favourite wines in a way that preserves their intended flavour and allows them to age well. While any wine storage room can be useful, one that includes custom wood design such as shelving and storage has many advantages. This post outlines two key aspects of Calgary wine cellar construction: the practical side, as well as style and decor considerations, and explains how custom wood design can contribute to both.

Planning to Design a Wine Cellar: The Basics

In order for a wine cellar to be effective for wine storage, it needs to meet certain requirements when it comes to temperature, humidity, and light. There are also a few other important factors to consider when setting up a wine cellar, which depend on personal preferences and the layout of the home.

  1. A wine cellar should be controlled in terms of both temperature and humidity.
  2. Wine should be stored at around 55°-58° Fahrenheit, and between 55-75% humidity. Because of this, the room you choose for your wine cellar should be properly insulated.
  3. A wine cellar also requires a good cooling that pulls air from another room in the home.
    • Many experts suggest choosing a room in your home that is already close to the existing specifications in order to minimize the effort you will need to spend on creating and maintaining the right environment to store your wine.
    • Often, this is a floor or portion of a home that is below-grade: wine cellars can be a great basement development project.

Designing a Wine Cellar: Style and Practicality

Other aspects of wine cellar construction depend on your sense of style and decor preferences, as well as the architecture of your home. However, it is still important to make sure that it doesn’t affect the primary purpose of your wine cellar. This is especially true when choosing choosing shelving, doors, and lighting.


Custom wood design is a practical option for shelving, and also gives wine cellars a tailor-made feel. Not only are custom shelves incredibly durable, but woodworking experts can help you make the most or your storage space: collections of 200 to 250 bottles can be stored in as few as thirty feet squared. On the other hand, some individuals prefer to have a more spread out design and even choose to incorporate elements such as seating space in their wine cellar.

A skilled custom wood design expert can help you find the optimal setup for your space, whether it is beautiful shelving to showcase your collection, or a stylish bulk storage option that allows you to fully utilize a smaller space.

With a wide variety of designs, woods types, and finishes available, whatever custom wood design you choose for your Calgary wine cellar’s decor and shelving is sure to be original and unique.


Calgary wine cellar doors can come in many styles, and are another aspect of decor that can be decorated and enhanced with the addition of custom millwork. Others prefer a glass door or even a glass wall to showcase their collection.

However, regardless of what type of door you choose, it’s important to remember to maintain proper insulation. The best choice is an exterior-grade, insulated door, and if you use any glass, dual-paned glass is the best option.


As we mentioned in our section on the functional aspects of wine cellar construction, too much heat can cause problems when storing wine. Because of this, LED lighting can be a better option than incandescent lights which emit more heat.

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