January 6, 2018 - If you are unable to install a climate-controlled wine cellar in your home, but still wish to enjoy wine culture, a wine room or wine bar might be the answer.  A quality wine fridge can always be added to the design, so you can age your prized bottles.  The benefit of a wine room/bar without the climate control is that it makes a great entertainment/conversation piece while enjoying your own personal wine tasting get-togethers.  Climate controlled wine cellars are great, but since they are much cooler than room temperature, it makes it difficult to entertain in, if that is your goal.  Give us a call today and we can provide you with ideas and designs to create a special space in your home to celebrate wine!

January 5, 2017 - Walk-up bars are becoming increasingly popular along with wine bars.  The possibilities are endless with design, materials and style, and the bonus is that they do not usually project into a room, but are against a wall, freeing up floorspace and allowing for more room to entertain.  Walk-up bars can also be located adjacent to a wine cellar, conveniently placing all your beverage needs together.  We can design and build you the walk-up bar of your dreams!

January 22, 2016 - Wine Bars are becoming increasingly popular. They are often an extension of a kitchen or wet bar, or a focal point on the main floor of the home. When climate control is not desired, but celebrating wine in the most architecturally-creative way is the design, enter the wine bar! We can help you embrace your love of wine with an outstanding display in your home!

May 14, 2015 - Another completed wine bar - this one in walnut veneer millwork and wall cladding to tie into the existing kitchen, as well as dual wine fridges and platinum finish VintageView metal wine racking. Truly a conversation piece adding wine display and storage to a beautiful modern two-tone kitchen in Altadore.

April 27, 2015- Do you have a large wine collection? Do you wish to both store and display your collection? A wine bar might be the perfect answer. A wine bar could be an extension of either an existing kitchen or bar, or stand-alone as a focal point in your home.

April 8, 2015 - Wine Bars are a popular alternative to climate controlled wine cellars. Wine bars focus more on displaying a more modest-sized wine collection that would be consumed sooner or later. This is becoming a replacement for the common dry bar. Lower cabinets with all of your wine glasses and accessories, along with wine fridges, often dual-zone for reds and whites, with an attractive countertop. The upper section often is a feature wall clad with either a beautiful species of wood veneer or stone veneer, utilizing metal racking to attractively display the bottles label-facing out. There still is potential to store a significant amount of wine....bar-sized wine fridges can often store up to 50 bottles each. There is a great deal of flexibility of pricing for wine fridges from someone who just wants to enjoy wine to the eccentric collector utilizing a high-end compressor-free ammonia absorption fridge.

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