Feb 10, 2015- Wine Bars are an excellent alternative to traditional wine cellars, if you do not have the space or the layout in your home for a cellar, yet still would like to enjoy wine and embrace the wine culture. Wine Bars usually consist of one or two wine fridges, a center cabinet, with stone countertop, and either cabinetry or wine racks above.

July 5, 2014 - Completed custom cherry buffet and hutch with granite countertop for client in Heritage Pointe. Nicely fills dining room alcove and provides lots of storage, wine storage, and glass-door and shelves to display glassware, etc.

May 22, 2014 - Custom millwork doesn't always require staining or clear-coating....this is the case with most wine cellars. Since a wine-cellar is a sealed room that creates a micro-climate for storing your wine, once that cellar door is closed, if there is any stain and or lacquer on the wine racks and millwork in this room, you might find the smell from finishing products off-gassing as they cure lingering in the room indefinitely. If the wood and veneer is left raw (unfinished) then you will enjoy the natural aroma of the wood species utilized (cedar and mahogany are especially nice) pleasantly tickling your nose every time you enter, not cringing at the unfamiliar chemical smell....

March 29, 2014 - Sometimes you envision a piece of millwork that would perfectly blend into your home, with the custom storage you require and the aesthetics that would compliment your home. Then, you set out to various stores, either in person or online, and cannot find the millwork you are picturing, and find yourself trying to make something work...why settle for something that isn't ideal? Tru Woodcraft can take your idea, take measurements, and both design and create this custom millwork piece that you require!

Feb 13. 2014 - Millwork details can greatly enhance your home. Detailed layered mouldings, crown, custom built-ins, post cladding are all examples of home customization that can help your home stand out and greatly reflect your style.

Feb 8, 2014 - Here is a design for a custom bar/fireplace/entertainment unit for a residence in Hawk's Landing in Priddis for a walkout basement. The space to work with was fairly tight, but all of these components were able to fit in nicely to create a warm space with cherry wood.

Feb 7, 2014 - Custom built-ins can solve many storage issues in your home. Sometimes DIY storage systems from your favourite Swedish box store can work in the space you need to use for storage, but in many cases not, simply because these cabinets that you assemble come only in the size that is offered. What if it is too big for the space, and would be too cumbersome for your space? What if it is too small for your space, and doesn't adequately suit your storage needs? What if you really like the design but the size doesn't work? This is when custom comes into play. We can take an existing design and proportionately change the design so it fits in your space, so you can still achieve the look you want, but it will fit like a glove into your home!

Feb 6, 2014 - Custom Millwork accents to your home can help to creatively customize your home and add a new feel. Sometimes simple drywall and baseboard in a room doesn't quite unleash the full potential of your space. Wainscoting is a perfect example of how you can take a plain room, a dining room is a perfect example, and add detail and charm that will yield endless compliments for years to come.

Feb 4, 2014 - I submitted a little woodworking trip I thought of to Canadian Home Workshop Magazine back in September 2009 called "The Flawless Fill". Here is a link to this tip on their website: http://canadianhomeworkshop.com/7867/tips-tools/resources/top-10-shop-tips

Feb 3, 2014 - Custom Millwork has endless possibilities. I was once commisioned to build an entertainment unit that was on casters so it could easily slide away from a wall with all of the electronic components intact so the hatch to the crawlspace directly below the unit's resting place could be accessed.

Jan 20, 2014 - Design for large custom bookcase, Oxford library-style!

Jan 18, 2014. Back in 2004 I did an interesting project - building the millwork for EcoSmart's sustainable condo in the Globe 2004 trade show held at Canada Place in Vancouver. We were under the gun, having to produce millwork that would normally take about 6 weeks to produce in 2 weeks!!! Not much sleep, but that is what I call diving into a project! The millwork was to be made from FSC-certified materials. Strawboard was used as the core material for much of this, wrapped in stainless steel, and FSC-certified maple veneer used as well, with water-based lacquer finish.

Jan 14, 2014. Quality millwork added to your home is a worthwhile investment. I have seen many homes that have been almost completely renovated, yet the millwork remained due to it's quality, and if it really needed to be updated, simply re-finishing the doors and drawer faces or replacing them is all that was required!

Dec 29, 2013. About a year ago I did this project which was the outer cladding of a fireplace chimney chase. Scaffolding required.

Dec 28, 2013. I came across this interesting video on how they make knives for various mouldings.

Dec. 27, 2013. Millwork can add tremendous storage to your home. Floor to ceiling "lockers" can look great in your home, with several tall and narrow doors in a row and modern handles. Behind these doors can be stored anything and everything. Kids toys, games, craft supplies, clothes, board games, etc......worked great in my home!

Dec. 26,2013. Tru Woodcraft can design and create millwork for any room in your home. Combining knowledge and experience in both cabinetmaking and furniture manufacturing, high-quality, well-designed millwork is the result.

Tru Woodcraft has been producing fine millwork for the past decade. Steve Trutenko was a bronze medalist for the BC Skills Competition in Vancouver for cabinetmaking, and finished at the top of his class at the BCIT Joinery program. Custom millwork, creative design, quality construction and friendly service makes Tru Woodcraft your best choice for Calgary Millwork!

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